MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcast

MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcast

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MOXY is your non-partisan app for bringing democracy into the 21st century. Powerful and diverse news feed, going issue-based forums, specialized podcasts, take surveys and read the reports, get the latest election coverage, detailed elected official data, message your representatives and make your voice heard. Government impacts every aspect of our lives, it’s your right to influence to the legislation too. Take part in the political process with the latest news, information, live streams and discussions on MOXY. Join forums to discuss current events and issues that matter to you. You’ll find active discussions on jobs and the economy, health care, foreign policy, immigration, and many more. Debate, discuss and gain a better understanding of today’s biggest issues. Go beyond the ranting within echo chambers - get tangible, official data on what government officials are actually doing. Take surveys focused on issues that matter. Register to vote or verify your registration status and give voice to your opinions about laws, social issues and more. View the profiles of government officials to learn about your local, regional and national elected representatives. Then send a message or email -- and even provide your rating -- to let your representatives know what you think of their work. Read legislation, learn about upcoming elections, find podcasts and watch live streams to help you stay informed about every issue. Help bring social change online and on your phone with MOXY. MOXY Features News - Read the latest news and information from hundreds of diverse sources - Localized to your residence, powerful news search, curated based on your interests - Push button access to news organized by your issues of interest Live Stream - Live stream political updates from colleagues, community leaders and representatives - View and comment live or view within 24 hours Forums - Information on health care, immigration, social security, campaign finance and more - Join political forums for discussing topics of importance - Learn and express your point of view Podcasts - Listen to specialized podcasts from MOXY Members on a range of subjects - Featured guest podcasts from highly respected journalists Representatives - Learn about your elected representatives and connect with them - Message politicians and representatives - Provide elected officials with your rating Legislation - Keep up with primary election news on laws and ballot measures - Keep track of what laws are being proposed and those that are enacted Surveys - Make your voice heard by participating in surveys on a range of issues - Read the reports to dig into how people think - View the results in graphic-rich report on surveys you participate in Elections - View election results - Learn about all the candidates, like Joe Biden, Donald Trump plus state and local - Information on local elections, regional elections and national elections - Ballot information and measures - Link to official voter registration to register or to check on the status - View a map of your political jurisdictions, from local to national - View laws and legislative information details - Understand legislation and what upcoming laws might mean for you Download MOXY today and help bring patriotic change for the better.