Beyond Just ABC

Beyond Just ABC

von Ralph Krausse

  • Kategorie: Education
  • Erscheiningsdatum: 2020-09-14
  • Aktuelle Version: 7.3.7
  • Rating (Erwachsene): 4+
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  • Entwickler: Ralph Krausse
  • Compatibility: Erforedert iOS 9.0 oder höher


We have elevated the school assignment of copying words to understand and learn them, from paper and pencil, to a mobile environment but unlike other applications, this is NOT just writing or copying words to a device. Using advanced image recognition and artificial intelligence(a combination of machine learning and neural networks), each letter is processed using a machine learning algorithm to predict if the letter, the sequence of letters are correct therefore determining if the word is spelled right or wrong - ALL IN REAL TIME without human intervention. This will allow, where each student has their own handwriting style, to learn how to write letters and words correctly at an accelerated rate. Each time your child does an assignment, metrics are collected which will over time paint a picture of what your child is doing right and where they may need help. We have added simple math also.