Starbase Hunter

Starbase Hunter

von James Hassett

  • Kategorie: Entertainment
  • Erscheiningsdatum: 2020-02-21
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0
  • Rating (Erwachsene): 9+
  • Dateigröße: 35.74 MB
  • Entwickler: James Hassett
  • Compatibility: Erforedert iOS 12.2 oder höher


For iPad only! Starbase Hunter introduces a totally new genre of puzzle that will challenge your logic reasoning skills.  It is not a timed game, so you can relax and think your way to victory. You will seek out enemy starbases that are spread out across a vast area of interstellar space using the most powerful scanning tool ever devised! With the universe as your "globe" you will need the powerful "Global Scanner" and a keen mind to win. While this is a game of logic, no game is complete without having something blow up, so once you find the enemy base, of course you have to target it and destroy it ! The game has a single player mode with no opponent, a single player mode where the computer hides the bases for two opposing sides and the player plays both sides against each other, and a two player mode where each player gets to choose the location of their bases and both players share the same iPad.  There is no wifi or on-line play mode.