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InTheGym provides the easiest way to create and share workouts. Are you a coach looking to track your players' work in the gym? Do you want to get rid of workouts written on paper? Do you want to store and track all workouts done by team members? Then InTheGym is perfect for you! InTheGym makes creating and sharing workouts with individuals or groups extremely easy. All you need to do is, - firstly, selected who the workout is for, either an individual or group - select an exercise, enter the sets and reps (or time/distance) and then optionally add a note to the exercise - then repeat for as many exercises as you like - then upload the workout to the chosen player/players - finally, wait for the workout to be complete and then check the RPE score. Sign up as either a player or a coach. What a Coach can do - add as many players as they like using their username - set workouts to added players - set group workouts to a selected group of added players - monitor when players complete their workouts - monitor the RPE score a player a workout - monitor all added player's PBs - check the average RPE score for all the workouts they have set What a player can do - accept a request from multiple coaches - view all workouts created for them by all their coaches - mark workouts as complete when they have finished - give every workout an RPE score - give every exercise an RPE score during the workout (optional) - update and view their PBs for certain exercises - check the average RPE score for all completed workouts InTheGym was created with sports teams in mind. We understand that getting in the gym is important for any sport and having one gym coach to a high number of players can be difficult to keep a track of everything. So we wanted to try and make things easier and have everything on an app. We know that there are many different ways that people design workouts and we have tried to cover as many different options as we can to allow you to create the workouts exactly as you like them. Saying that we also think the app could be useful for personal trainers looking to keep a track of clients. Workouts are stored forever and you can view them at anytime. It could be a good way to see client progress and a good way for them to receive workouts when you can't be there in person. We are consistently updating our database of exercises and are always open to suggestions, we are also updating and improving the app to allow for more customisation and always love getting feedback whether it is positive or negative. Push the app to its limit and let us know how it goes. Be creative, have fun and get InTheGym!